Kona Hawaii fishing report

From: Capt. Jeff Rogers
Date: 22 May 2000
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Kona Hawaii Fishing Report 5/21/00 ,

I could almost make a copy of last months report and pass it off as this months report. Not much has changed. We did have a flurry of Blue Marlin and Stripped Marlin bites a couple of weeks ago and it looked like Summer was here but it was short lived. At one point last week, there wasn't a single Marlin weighed in at the Kona dock for a 3 day period. There had been some Marlin bites during that time but none were brought in.

The Shortnose Spearfish bite has increased and has replaced the Mahi Mahi as the most common off shore catch. Not by much though. The most common catch overall is Ono (near shore) because the word has gone out around town how good the bite is. Everyone with a boat is out there trying for some. It's a real madhouse on the weekends. Any one of these fish, Ono, Spearfish or Mahi Mahi make great table fare so if that's what you're looking for, any captain that's worth his salt will be able to provide one or more of these for you.

Yellowfin tuna are still being caught out of the porpoise schools. The porpoise school movements have become less predictable and have moved further off shore so finding them has become very difficult. If you do find them though, your odds of catching a 100+ lb. Yellowfin are pretty good.

Bottom fishing for Amberjack remains excellent and the Bronze Whaler shark population is still mostly localized to a certain area of "the back side" so getting Amberjack up in one whole piece hasn't been a problem.

This is going to be a very busy summer. Available charter dates are filling up fast. Aloha,

Capt. Jeff Rogers , K-IX Charters , Kona, Hawaii , http://FISHinKONA.com , Jeff@FISHinKONA.com