Re: baitcasting reel help

From: jerry
Date: 23 Jun 2000
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I have been throwing rapalas for years with a baitcaster and unless you are throwing the larger sizes or a countdown model they are tough> It depends on what species you are looking for and if you are on the top or are wanting to go deeper.I use the countdown no. 9 for walleye and it has enough wieght to go out well if the rees is set right. I adjust the tension on the reel brake to just let the line drop a little by pushing the free spool and bouncing the rod gently. then i let out one and a half feet of line to get some centrifugal force and cast. If you aare using the smaller lures or the floating I suggest you add a splitshot 16 inches in front. It does not affect the lure action and seems to still let it ride high or low in the water depending on how you hold the rod. Good luck Jerry