From: B-Fast Charters
Date: 11 Jul 2000
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Boston Harbor and South Shore Stripers 6/26-7/9

The Harbor and the South Shore have been inconsistent producers over the past two weeks. Abnormally cold water temperatures, poor tides (New moon) and an abundance of bait on Stellwagen Bank have exacerbated the situation. Never-the-less,we had excellent fishing in Quincy Bay as a new school of fresh fish moved in prior to the moon tides. Mixed in with the school-sized stripers were some keepers in the low to mid-thirty inch class. Bruce Schwartz of Edison,NJ had two of the best days of the season both with chartreuse gurglers on Wonderline on top and Half & HalfŐs and Clousers sub-surface with DepthCharge. 20-40 fish days were the rule during the week of the 26th. Over the 4th, the high course tides scattered the bait and made fishing difficult. MinotŐs Ledge off Cohasset still hasnŐt produced consistent fishing for large or small bass. Over the weekend there was a marked improvement in both Boston and Cohasset. New arrivals loaded with sea-lice as well as normal tides sparked the turn-a-round. SaturdayŐs trip with Roger Thuot from Princeton,MA was once again excellent. Roger and his friend are avid fly fisherman seeking game fish with the long rod all over the World. Both frequent Jim BenderŐs Lower Forty Outfitters shop in Worcester,MA. Fortunately, the bass were in and aggressive allowing Roger to test his Battenkill Large Arbor. Early, gurglers and sliders produced the best, however small gray or blue Clousers in size 1/0 or 2/0 brought the most consistent action through most of the morning, evidently matching the schools of silversides that were tight to the bottom.

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