Hand made Lure........

From: Dan Tindell
Date: 11 Jul 2000
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I was at a "Flea Market" where they had an Auction going on, I bought this box of goodies where I found a tiny hand made lure. The description is as follows; The lure represents a minnow red in color with two single hooks attached at both ends and very small eyelet at the top. At the bottom of the lure is a #14 treble hook (I think?). At the mouth end of the lure is a flimsy spoon what could be made of tinfoil. The lure is about .5 inches long and about 1.0 inch high. Is there anyone out there could tell me if this is real or memorex? Dan Tindell dtindell@thefishfinder.com or dtindell@hotmail.com