Kauai's leeward southside, Hawaii /  Report

From: capt. Dan
Date: 12 Jul 2000
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Aloha! The tuna are cooperating, many over 100. Blind mostly, some bird piles. You work the birds, get tired of that, go wander & get blasted. . Lucky Live Hawaii. The marlin are showing up finally. It's still not a daily thing but "almost". "Maka Hou II" had 1 over 700, I believe that's the one to beet on Kauai so far this year. For charters. We're seeing the smaller males & even some multiple blue strikes. The local fleet has been doing well, one guy had one over 800lbs, there is a story of one out between Niihau & Kaula Rock, that was over 1500? Unbelievable ledges out there, check your charts, (Niihau south point & Kaula rock - 160.31W. 21.65N.) many local guys don't even pull lures thru this area, "too many marlin" . The skipjack tuna are showing good along with ono & mahi, the live baiting is on the menu more and the summertime kids are having fun. Got to fish the "2000 World Cup" we only had 1 boat fishing Kauai waters, so we did good! We had the 3rd place fish out of 122 boats around the world. Kona beat us and the rest of the world out with a 633lb fish. Good going guys!!! while Mike was standing up to this marlin, a smaller blue came swimming around like a mahimahi. We fished Kauai's southwest side, Open Sea Charters, (808-332-8213) captain Jimmy Horner (Edward) Mike Contreres, the charter brings his own gear, lures and goes for full days for a week at a time. They had one around 1165lbs a couple years ago. Mike uses stand up tackle, heavy stuff. The 1165, had to use the chair, Mike had 5 of his stand up outfits out & they put one of the boat rods out for a 6th pole, the fish bit that one, now Mike still has to stand up to a grander. The fish gods stay laughing. For any info on fishing in Kauai Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai (1-877-887-0412) <http://www.fishingkauai.com>