From: E.F. Payne Split Cane Rod and Arthur L. Walker of New York Reel
Date: 13 Aug 2000
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Dear Sirs:

I am looking for some information on my E.F. Payne Split Cane Rod and my accompanying Arthur L. Walker of New York reel.

The rod has the original tube, the original canvas bag which holds the tube, the three tips and the middle section. The bag which holds the tips has an original tag attached which indicates the rod is 101/2 feet long, button attached, 11 5/8 oz and No. Special. This rod is in excellent condition with no visible marks, splits or scratches. It is a light tan/honey color with reddish colored binding on the line guides and a dark green color on the ferrule. The reel is in excellent condition as well. There are several numbers stamped on the reel and they are 330, 200, and 4/0.

I am looking for information as to the value and if this is a common set. I am located in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks.