Kona Hawaii fishing report

From: Capt. Jeff Rogers
Date: 18 Aug 2000
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Kona Hawaii fishing report 8/18/00

The Pacific Blue Marlin bite has remained pretty consistent for the past couple of weeks with about a dozen being brought into the dock each day. There's a serious lack of Skipjack tuna (bait fish) along the Kona coast this summer and the small schools that have been found have been shy and hard do catch. The result has been more boats trolling instead of live baiting which results in plenty of bites but less Marlin actually landed. The one advantage of going on the troll instead of live baiting is that you can target more that just Marlin. Spearfish, Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna are being caught daily by some of the boats trolling smaller lures in their pattern. Trolling jets along the inshore ledges is resulting in both Ono and Mahi Mahi bites.

There's still Yellowfin Tuna being caught in the Porpoise schools but it's getting hard to get good positioning while working the schools these days because of all the commercial fishermen using "Green sticks." "Green stick" fishing has gained in popularity this summer because word got out about how successful it's been. The problem is that the "Green stick" lines are very long and the boats move slower than most of the trolling boats. Get too many of these working the same Porpoise school and it becomes a traffic nightmare. There are now 2 of us here in Kona offering a modified style of this fishing style to our sport fishing customers.

Bottom fishing has slowed down a bit lately but is still a guarantee of some action. Most of the Bronze Whaler sharks have moved off to other territory so the chances of catching a 100+ pound fish off the bottom is slim. The Amberjack are running in the 15 to 40 lb. range.

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