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Votes: 1
Strikes: 1245
Added: 19-Jan-2001

Fly fishing, bassing Beautiful Korean rivers and lakes. Web site in English and Korean. More than 100 fishing spots illustrated with map, photo and detail. Fishing guide, Beginners' lectures, shopping, Contests of fishing reports and photos, links.

Asia Anglers Pte Ltd

Votes: 1
Strikes: 989
Added: 17-Feb-2004

Fishing In Remote Region Of Sulawesi, Banda Sea, Flores Sea for Giant Dogtooth Tuna, Monster Yellow Fin Tuna, Giant Trevally, Marlins etc

Boy Relax Fishing : sportfishing and kelong fishing!

Votes: 2
Strikes: 1149
Added: 24-May-02

We organise fishing charters to Nenasi, a great fishing location in Pahang Malaysia, where sailfish, marlin, spanish mackeral, tripletails, big trevallies, groupers, snappers can be found. We also organise river fishing for wild barra and mangrove jacks as well as giant freshwater prawns.

F A D Fishing Singapore

Votes: 1
Strikes: 1535
Added: 30-Mar-1999

Fanatical Anglers' Domain is a site dedicated to the true spirit of sport fishing (especially light tackle and Conservation).


Votes: 0
Strikes: 1009
Added: 3-Jan-2004

South-East Asia's unequalled professional fishing guides. Over 50 IGFA World Records. Specialising in the world's biggest freshwater species : Mekong Giant Catfish, Siamese Giant Carp, Arapaima gigas, Giant Snakehead...

Rating: 8.45

Fishing Around Singapore Angler Hot Spots

Votes: 20
Strikes: 840
Added: 18-Dec-2004

Fishing around Singapore angler hot spots was created for angler who use fishing rigs with hook tying knots on common baits or lures to catch any types of fish


Votes: 0
Strikes: 799
Added: 28-Sep-2004

Fishing Charter in Singapore

NTU Anglers' Club

Votes: 1
Strikes: 1485
Added: 6-Oct-1999

The official website of the NTU Anglers' Club (Singapore).

Skirt ChasersOffshore Sportsfishing, Coron Philippines

Votes: 3
Strikes: 1048
Added: 23-Aug-2003

Big Gamefishing for marlin, Sailfish, Tuna and Dorado in the beautiful waters of the Philippine Islands

Sport Fishing Association (Singapore)

Votes: 1
Strikes: 1666
Added: 30-Mar-1999

We participate in domestic and international sport fishing tournaments, seminars, symposiums and other related activities where related expertise, data available may be helpful in assisting other organizations with similar objectives

The 1st Vietnam SportFishing Web Site

Votes: 1
Strikes: 610
Added: 4-Sep-2003

The only Vietnam Sport Fishing web site. It provides information about fishing across Vietnam w/ a informative forums, interesting & exciting articles.

The Sportfishing Site for Filipino Anglers

Votes: 1
Strikes: 311
Added: 28-Feb-2005

The most comprehensive philippine sportfishing content provider for Filipino anglers.

ZoomFishing Singapore

Votes: 0
Strikes: 509
Added: 24-Dec-2002

Tips and Techniques for Freshwater Fishing Competition in Thailand Fishing Park - Bung Sam Lan

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