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Abaco Warrior Charters

Votes: 0
Strikes: 2310
Added: 10-Nov-02

Deepsea fishing charters - sailings from UK's south coast on most days. Fully equiped vessel with equipment hire.

3D Sportfishing, Algarve, Portugal

Votes: 3
Strikes: 1301
Added: 19-Dec-2003

Big Game charter fishing on the Algarve coast aboard the Esmeralda Azul. Marlin, shark, tuna and bottom fishing.

A Private Yacht Charter along the coast of Spain and Ibiza

Votes: 4
Strikes: 1084
Added: 13-Jul-2004

Affordable Private Yacht Charters along the coast of Spain and Ibiza with a 20 meter long luxury motor yacht for max.7 guest. Also look on our web site for special offers and day trips.

Angling Club Lax-a

Votes: 0
Strikes: 1166
Added: 19-Dec-2000

Iceland's largest fishing and hunting outfitter. Fishing on 16 top salmon rivers, plus trout, char,sea-trout

Angling Travel worldwide fishing holidays

Votes: 1
Strikes: 1557
Added: 24-Jul-2000

Quality fishing holidays in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Choose from wilderness, exotic, family holidays or expert tuition from John Bailey.

Rating: 4.74


Votes: 16
Strikes: 1363
Added: 23-Feb-2003

Fishing-Charter,Big Game fishing en Fuerteventura

Big game fishing in Alboran Sea (South of Spain)

Votes: 1
Strikes: 1549
Added: 5-May-2001

Big game fishing and charters in Benalmadena (Southern Spain). Links to tourist facilities in town.

Blue Marlin Sport Fishing

Votes: 7
Strikes: 2001
Added: 29-Mar-1999

Have you ever dreamed to catch a Blue Marlin weighing up more than 1000 pounds ? What about a Tuna longer than 3 meters long ? LET YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE !!!

Boats for Charter Fishing in United Kingdom

Votes: 0
Strikes: 1080
Added: 11-Aug-02

Find fishing and diving charter boats quickly and easily.

Boats, yachts charters links Spain Barcelona

Votes: 0
Strikes: 1214
Added: 25-May-2004

Spain Barcelona Costa Brava Girona Tarragona Mallorca Baleares Ibiza boat charter, yacht, bare & crewed boats

carp and catfishing holidays (RIVER EBRO)

Votes: 1
Strikes: 541
Added: 11-May-02

all inclusive fishing holidays,with accomodation next to the river and fishing tackle included night fishing with bivys,(RIVER EBRO SPAIN)


Votes: 0
Strikes: 301
Added: 23-Jan-2005

All the critical information needed for a saltwater beginner fisherman. Hot spot and charter in Italy

Cheche II Charters de pesca en Barcelona

Votes: 0
Strikes: 647
Added: 27-Aug-02

Fishing charters in Barcelona, Enjoy a fishing day with us.

Daisy Charter Fishing

Votes: 2
Strikes: 594
Added: 19-Apr-2000

Daisy Charter Fishing: with to Lochin marine offshore Boats "Daisy 18 knots and Daisy-Beth 28 knots" ( Fastest offshore Fishing wessel in Sweden ) Offshore fishing in Skagerack and Kattegatt for Cod, Makerell, Ling and Wolffish .Swedish record for Catfish 20 pound 124 Speciemen on catfish

Din Tur Fishing in Norway

Votes: 0
Strikes: 835
Added: 2-May-2000

Specialist on Sea fishing. Beatifull houses at the sea including boat and motor and all the service needed to catch the big fish. Be your own skipper and catch the big ones right in front of the door. Online booking

Distant Streams

Votes: 2
Strikes: 198
Added: 5-Feb-2005

Exclusive fly fishing holidays and guide service along the rivers, streams and brooks of Jutland, Denmark.

Distant Streams Guide Service

Votes: 0
Strikes: 179
Added: 25-Feb-2005

Fly fishing holidays, instruction and guide service in Denmark and Lithuania.

Ebro River Guesthouse and apartments

Votes: 0
Strikes: 256
Added: 8-Jan-2005

Guided fishing trips on the River Ebro in Spain. First class apartments.

Ebro Valley Angling

Votes: 0
Strikes: 264
Added: 13-Oct-2004

The ultimate experience in Catfishing. Guided fishing holidays for catfish and carp on Europes premier river, The Ebro. Accommodation, tackle hire and airport transfers inclusive.

Emilia Italy Micro-Portal

Votes: 1
Strikes: 473
Added: 9-Oct-1999

A place to find typical products, tourism info and news from Bologna, Piacenza, Parma, Modena and Reggio.

Experience fishing with Arctic Fishing - www.arcticfishing.se

Votes: 4
Strikes: 242
Added: 17-May-2004

Arctic Fishing offers national and international guests different types of fishing experiences through well organized fishing arrangement to the north of Sweden (Norrbotten/Lapland) and to the north of Norway.

Ferienwohnung Korcula

Votes: 0
Strikes: 40
Added: 27-Mar-2005

In unserem Haus haben wir Ferienwohnungen.

fishing club

Votes: 2
Strikes: 370
Added: 2-Jan-2001

we are situated on the southest point to Europe in a small island where the fishing is great and the massive tourism don't exist We wait for you

Fishing Holidays in Portugal

Votes: 1
Strikes: 243
Added: 13-Jul-2003

Fishing Holidays in Portugal. Looking for big carp, huge Wels catfish, barbel, largemouth bass and bag loads of pristine hard fighting fish?

Fishing Holidays, in Spain, Caspe, Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain,

Votes: 0
Strikes: 96
Added: 7-Jan-2005

The Ebro lake has not had the intensified fishing or pollution experienced beyond the dam at Mequineza

Fishing in Russia: sites review

Votes: 1
Strikes: 239
Added: 25-May-2001

This is review of best Russian sites about fishing. Fishing in Russia is interesting and various!

Fishing in Smaland/Sweden

Votes: 0
Strikes: 608
Added: 10-Apr-2000

Info for fishing in Southern Sweden, guides, lodges etc. Also fly fishing. Site in Swedish with additional info in German and English.

Fishing in the Czech republic

Votes: 0
Strikes: 174
Added: 13-Feb-2003

Flyfishing, carpfishing in the Czech republic; areas of fishing; fishing regulations; prices of fishing tours; recipes.

Fishing tours from Utsira island

Votes: 0
Strikes: 334
Added: 30-Apr-1999

Visit Norway's smallest municipality Utsira island on the west coast of Norway. Try fishing with local fishermen.

Fishing week on Lake Saimaa, Finland

Votes: 0
Strikes: 321
Added: 16-Feb-2000

A fishing holiday in the Mikkeli region offers opportunities for various types of fishing.

Fly Fishing Finland

Votes: 1
Strikes: 115
Added: 19-Oct-2004

Nationwide fly fishing guide services in Finland. Courses and personal training. Kola Peninsula trained guides.

Fly fishing in Icelandic lakes

Votes: 0
Strikes: 184
Added: 30-Jan-2005

We are introducing Icelandic lakes to fly fishing enthusiasts worldwide

Flyfishing in Epirus, Greece

Votes: 0
Strikes: 520
Added: 17-Apr-2000

Flyfishing in the Lake Acheloos

Flyfishing Norway - The Norwegian Flyshop

Votes: 3
Strikes: 409
Added: 16-Jan-2000

Guide to sportsfishing in Norway. Fly patterns and descriptions. Salmonfishing, seatrout fishing, troutfishing and much more.


Votes: 0
Strikes: 139
Added: 8-Apr-2003

Flyfishing in the italian dolomites and surrounding areas (Austria/Slovenia)

Folding & Collapsable Traps

Votes: 1
Strikes: 102
Added: 26-Jan-2005

Catch your own bait + Lobster, Crayfish,Crabs,Langoustine,Prawns,Shrimps, Hermits, Eels Fish.

Folding & collapsible bait and fishing, traps and creels

Votes: 0
Strikes: 93
Added: 9-Feb-2005

Folding traps to catch Bait, Lobster, Crayfish, Crab, langoustine, Squats Prawn, Shrimp, Hermits, Eels etc etc

Golden Marlin

Votes: 2
Strikes: 580
Added: 30-Mar-1999

Big Game Fishing Canary Islands, online fish encylcopedia, searchable catch records, action pictures....

Gone Fishing - Fishing on the Isle of Man

Votes: 0
Strikes: 327
Added: 18-Apr-2000

Gone Fishing, the Isle of Man's premier angling related web site that covers all aspects of angling in, on and around the Isle of Man.

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