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AQUACULTURE TECHNOLOGY - Fishfarming & Equipment

Votes: 2
Strikes: 2228
Added: 6-Jul-1999

Farming Systems and Equipment: Floating Dock-, Netcage-, Recirculation-, Aeration-, Breeding- and Feeding-Systems etc. Freshwater Fishes (Eggs-Fry-Fingerlings): Trouts, Charrs, Salmons, Grayling, Whitefishes, Pike, Perch, Burbot, Catfish, Sturgeons, Cyprinids etc. Fish Books, Consulting and much more ...

Alternative Aquaculture Ltd

Votes: 2
Strikes: 1475
Added: 8-Feb-2001

Small scale, environment friendly fish faming systems, hatchery & aeration equipment

Alternative Aquaculture Ltd - Fish micro-tagging

Votes: 1
Strikes: 892
Added: 20-Feb-2001

By micro chip tagging your valuable fish, you will deter theft and will provide the Police/Courts with a definitive means of identifying them if stolen.

Aquacultural Engineers

Votes: 0
Strikes: 819
Added: 14-Nov-02

Aqua Systems provides a complete in-house service - initial advice and consultancy, design, manufacture and installation of fish-farming systems and equipment

Aquaculture Technologies Pakistan

Votes: 10
Strikes: 801
Added: 4-Apr-2004

The first informative website on aquaculture in Pakistan. Aquatech are Consultants with a mission to promote semi-intensive aquaculture activities in Pakistan.

fish breeding

Votes: 2
Strikes: 1118
Added: 27-Feb-2000

We have fingerlings from brazil species like carp, tilapia, tilapia filet, tucunare and others

Folding & Collapsable Traps

Votes: 0
Strikes: 625
Added: 26-Jan-2005

Easily transportable, traps that fold flat when not in use. Catch bait fast, plus Lobster,Crayfish,Crab, Langoustine, Prawn,Shrimp, Eels,Hermits, Lamprey and much more

Gammel Outdoor Services

Votes: 5
Strikes: 1137
Added: 26-Mar-1999

Flytying methods combined with lake management techniques. Grow your own huge bass!

Global Aquaculture Alliance

Votes: 2
Strikes: 1025
Added: 26-Jan-2001

The Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international, non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally responsible aquaculture. As its top goal, GAA is working with producers, processors and major users to finalize the Responsible Aquaculture Program of certifiable standards for responsible aquaculture. GAA also publishes the Global Aquaculture Advocate, a bimonthly magazine that features new developments in aquaculture technology and other practical information.

MeterMall.com --Measure--Your--World--

Votes: 2
Strikes: 645
Added: 27-Jan-2005

On-line source for hand-held weather meters, fishing scales, and water quality meters.

Open Ocean Aquaculture

Votes: 5
Strikes: 510
Added: 29-Jan-2002

Open Ocean Aquaculture in a movement ship

Pacific Fish Farms

Votes: 0
Strikes: 403
Added: 06-Aug-02

Coming Soon! An aquaculture directory and resource for fish and shellfish growers in the Pacific Coast region of the USA.

Rainbow Trout Hatchery (Ontario)

Votes: 3
Strikes: 847
Added: 16-Dec-1998

A site about private rainbow trout farming, general information - Ontario

Sbc fishace

Votes: 1
Strikes: 440
Added: 22-Aug-2000

Promoting environmentally friendly methods of aquaculture on the internet for the past five years. Also Snakehead information

Seabed Processes Consultancy

Votes: 0
Strikes: 229
Added: 26-Nov-2004

marine consultancy marine consultant aquaculture shellfish farming shellfish farm Seabed Processes Consultancy specialises in marine and aquaculture consulting , with a focus on shellfish fisheries in the shallow water coastal environment and the effects of fishing on the environment

World Tilapia Association

Votes: 0
Strikes: 741
Added: 21-Dec-1998

Purpose: Establish communication between tilapia Growers, Researchers, and Suppliers

Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Seawater-resistant stainless steel

Votes: 0
Strikes: 216
Added: 14-Nov-2003

Yokota Manufacturing produces anti-corrosion alloys including "Seawater-resistant stainless steel" that is extremely resistant to corrosion due to seawater.

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