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Rating: 5.75

Fishing Lake Simcoe

Votes: 12
Strikes: 2824
Added: 2-Apr-2000

A complete guide to fishing this world famous Canadian lake.

Alabama Sportsman

Votes: 4
Strikes: 1210
Added: 12-Aug-1999

Alaska Salmon & Halibut Fishing

Votes: 0
Strikes: 896
Added: 21-Jan-2003

Salmon and Halibut fishing in remote Excursion Inlet Alaska. If you are looking for an Alaska adventure there is no better place than Excursion Inlet.


Votes: 4
Strikes: 1265
Added: 10-Oct-2001

Outstanding Trophy Bass & Saltwater Fishing Action & Top 10 Outdoor Tours in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Australian Fishing Reports

Votes: 3
Strikes: 1443
Added: 13-Jan-2000

Fishing reports from all around Australia.

Bass Fishing Log

Votes: 2
Strikes: 952
Added: 1-Dec-2003

It's a COMMUNITY Bass Fishing Log Book (website), setup so that you can input your log information right on the webpage, your data along with everyone elses is saved in a SEARCHABLE database.

Beach Fishing in New Zealand

Votes: 0
Strikes: 891
Added: 20-Mar-2003

Kite fishing and surfcasting weekly catch reports from New Zealand

Bob's Yuma Area Fishign Site

Votes: 0
Strikes: 865
Added: 1-Jan-2004

Yuma Area fishing stories, product reviews, and a Free Fishing Site Link Index

Bootsurlaub auf Shannon und Erne in Irland

Votes: 0
Strikes: 848
Added: 23-Feb-2004

Bootsurlaub auf Shannon und Erne in Irland


Votes: 5
Strikes: 1572
Added: 31-Aug-1999

Fishing information for California covering both freshwater and salt. Humor, tackle reviews, and even the barni zone...

Capt. Larry Cohen-Key West Flats Fishing

Votes: 2
Strikes: 680
Added: 22-Oct-1999

fishing report key west area flyfishing light spin tackle on the flats

Capt. Petes San Francisco Bay Area Fishing

Votes: 0
Strikes: 307
Added: 11-Jul-2003

Links to weather and Sea conditions. Wave height forecasts, tides and wend conditions.

Catch Reports Mjällån Sweden

Votes: 1
Strikes: 510
Added: 23-Apr-2000

Catch report tables 1995-2000

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Votes: 0
Strikes: 258
Added: 20-Mar-2004

All about fishing on the Chesapeake Bay

Chillerz - The Complete Cool Solution For All Anglers

Votes: 1
Strikes: 200
Added: 20-Jan-2005

Chillerz are the ultimate reusable ice replacement that can stay frozen for days. They are available in handy 3 sheet packs from www.chillerz.com and will guarantee better quality bait, no bait waste or mess, fit any size baitbox or coolerbox, preserves flavour & smell of all types of bait, lightweight, reusable & does not melt! So, remember catch bigger, catch better, catch more all year round with Chillerz!

Encyclopêche for the fishing

Votes: 0
Strikes: 431
Added: 08-Oct-02

To discover and practise the fishing, to know fishes. Numerous information for the fishermen. Famous Web site on the fishing in France.

Fintalk.com, A Site for Sportsmen!

Votes: 0
Strikes: 262
Added: 15-Oct-2004

Fishing Reports and Forum, The fishing resource for all your saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing information including, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing tips, fishing articles, marine weather, tidal, sportfishing, bay fishing, and all other fishing information!

Rating: 9.84

Fishing Around Singapore Angler Hot Spots

Votes: 19
Strikes: 248
Added: 19-Nov-2004

Fishing around Singapore angler hot spots was created for angler who use fishing rigs with hook tying knots on common baits or lures to catch any types of fish

Fishing Australia's Coral Sea Reefs

Votes: 0
Strikes: 363
Added: 21-Aug-02

Trip reports and pictures from some of the best tropical sportfishing locations in Australia

Fishing Cairns

Votes: 0
Strikes: 371
Added: 12-Dec-2001

The complete anglers guide to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Tropical North Queensland and remote Cape York. From giant black marlin out on the shelf to Oz's premier light tackle sport fish the mighty barramundi up the creeks - heavy tackle game, light tackle sport, lure & fly fishing, we cover the lot

Rating: 9.12

Fishing Fetish - Fishing Reports

Votes: 39
Strikes: 952
Added: 13-Jul-2000

Fishing Reports for entire USA updated weekly.

Fishing Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Votes: 0
Strikes: 730
Added: 17-Dec-1998

Fishing reports with photos and stories, updated four times a month, from Noosa, Queensland one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia.


Votes: 0
Strikes: 169
Added: 28-Mar-2004


Fishing Victoria

Votes: 4
Strikes: 1015
Added: 5-Sep-2000

Victorian Fishing Homepage, Australia. All the latest news, fishing reports, latest tackle information, GPS marks, and destination guides that you will need on one GREAT fishing page.


Votes: 0
Strikes: 190
Added: 20-Feb-2004

A UK based angling site, full of information


Votes: 0
Strikes: 110
Added: 23-Aug-2004

A continuously evolving portal with the latest fishing & navigational news, instant global fishing reports, worldwide GPS & navigation data, fathomless forums and 1000's of pages more of nautical related information.


Votes: 6
Strikes: 252
Added: 13-Oct-2004

Fishing reports for Hawkesbury & Sydney Harbour , Botany Bay


Votes: 2
Strikes: 296
Added: 28-Mar-2001

The ultimate online resource for fishing in Victoria, Australia. Over 450 pages including reports from more than 70 locations, plus monthly competitions.

Flatsfisher.com - Info for shallow water anglers

Votes: 3
Strikes: 186
Added: 21-Sep-2003

Shallow water fishing info covering the Mid-Atlantic to the Texas Coast and everything from skiffs to paddle craft and wading.

Fly Fishing Report, The, Covering the World of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying

Votes: 0
Strikes: 258
Added: 19-Apr-2001

The Fly Fishing Report, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Hatch Charts, Contests, Gear, Reports, Reviews, Stream Flow Data, Classifieds, News, Forums & More

Fly on the line

Votes: 0
Strikes: 170
Added: 29-Aug-2003

Fly, Coarse and Sea Fishing and Angling, whether you’re a Fly fisherman who loves fly fishing! Or coarse fisherman fishing in our dams rivers or lochs, this is the site for you.

Green Wilderness Lodge

Votes: 0
Strikes: 365
Added: 26-May-2000

Welcome to beautiful Lake Mattagami. The remote setting is the ideal place for that special fishing or hunting experience. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you travel 40 miles of open waterways which abound with Northern Pike, Walleye, Whitefish, Perch and Smallmouth Bass.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Fishing Report

Votes: 2
Strikes: 590
Added: 11-Jan-2000

Fishing report from the Zihuatanejo fleet, offshore and inshore, issued weekly or close to it.

Lake Huites Lodge

Votes: 2
Strikes: 337
Added: 19-Oct-1999

Fishing at the finest Lake in Mexico...Lake Huites...staying at the finest Lodge in Mexico Lake Huites LOdge

Meacoms Fishing Pier

Votes: 0
Strikes: 134
Added: 18-Jan-2003

Texas Gulf Coast Pier Fishing , Saltwater Tackle Store ,$35.00 rental room Over The Gulf. COME FISH WITH US !!!

Missouri Bass Angler

Votes: 0
Strikes: 178
Added: 11-Dec-2000

Missouri's number one source for fishing info!

Mr Norbit's Fishing - Corner Inlet

Votes: 0
Strikes: 201
Added: 13-Aug-2001

Fishing - Corner Inlet, South Gippsland. Info, news and reviews

MuskieKid's Links

Votes: 4
Strikes: 274
Added: 25-Mar-2000

Musky fishing links

NC Onshore & Inshore Fishing

Votes: 1
Strikes: 501
Added: 30-Jul-1999

Award winning saltwater fishing page specializing in Bogue Banks/Crystal Coast/Emerald Isle area of the central North Carolina coast. Reports, interviews, how-to articles, Ask Dr. Bogus and more.


Votes: 4
Strikes: 407
Added: 7-Jun-2000

First centralized fishing and weather report site. Thousands of destinations updated almost daily by professional outdoor writers. Camping, fishing and hunting regulations plus extensive e-commerce.

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