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Carp fishing bite alarm

Votes: 3
Strikes: 2568
Added: 4-Jan-2000

A range of fishing bite alarms and indicators that are used for catching Carp, catfish and other coarse fish. Our range of extension boxes function with most bite alarms



Votes: 3
Strikes: 2468
Added: 13-Jun-2000

Innovative Carp baits launch information, European Carp Fisheries features and listings, Photo Gallery, Free Holiday Prize Draw New Boilie range FIELD TESTERS REQUIRED


Rating: 9.70

Carpland - The Carp fishing web site

Votes: 13
Strikes: 2582
Added: 7-Apr-2000

An informative web page containing information on bait, rigs, methods, a message board, gallery & more.

1st line tackle

Votes: 0
Strikes: 825
Added: 16-Mar-2003

online shop that supplies products from all the main manufacturers. Also dedicated to the angling world providing information regarding our sport.

Angling Centre Yateley

Votes: 2
Strikes: 1581
Added: 13-Mar-2000

The Carp Secialist's Specialist fishing tackle shop...

Antbait Limited

Votes: 1
Strikes: 619
Added: 30-Apr-2004

Winner of the NEC "Go Fishing" Angling Times Best New Product 2003

Bazzers Carp Site

Votes: 1
Strikes: 1402
Added: 29-Jun-2001

Bazzers UK Carp Fishing Site - Pictures, Tips, Boille recipes, Stories

Carp and Catfish Fishing Tips

Votes: 6
Strikes: 809
Added: 22-Jan-2005

Informative page outlining the basic whens, wheres and how-to's of carp and catfishing.

Carp and fishing venues search by Carponline

Votes: 8
Strikes: 1697
Added: 6-Jan-2001

Venue and Waters directory by Carponline find your local lake, pond, pool, river etc

Carp Fishing in America at CarpAmerica.com

Votes: 3
Strikes: 801
Added: 5-Dec-2004

CarpAmerica is a free online carp resource for all levels of carp anglers to share information on methods, rigs, fishing tackle and carp bait. Our carp forum is designed for you to post pictures and view photos, read the latest carp fishing reports from your area

Carp Fishing in France - Les Gravelles

Votes: 1
Strikes: 209
Added: 22-Dec-2004

Exclusive 3.5 acre carp lake set in 15 acres of private woodland.

Carp fishing in Romania

Votes: 0
Strikes: 204
Added: 8-Jan-2005

News, carp waters, articles, phorum, gallery, on line shop.

Carp Fishing in Thailand

Votes: 0
Strikes: 370
Added: 27-Feb-2004

The freshwater fishing park and lake in Bangkok offers the opportunity for all “Giant Hunters” of Mekong Catfish.

Carp Mania

Votes: 0
Strikes: 539
Added: 8-Feb-2004

The discussion forums for the worldwide carp community, with many categorories to suit a wide range in carp fishing

carp river ebro carp fishing

Votes: 1
Strikes: 666
Added: 6-Jun-2001

carp and catfishing with all fishing tackle supplied airport service and guides with boats all partys of anglers will be welcome


Votes: 0
Strikes: 196
Added: 22-Oct-2004


CarpAmerica - Carp Fishing Enthusiasts of America

Votes: 2
Strikes: 323
Added: 16-Nov-2004

CarpAmerica is a free online carp resource for all levels of carp anglers to share information on carp methods, rigs, fishing tackle and carp bait. Our carp forum is designed for you to post pictures and view carp photos, read the latest carp fishing reports from your area and all over the carp fishing world, and also read tips from some of the biggest carp fishing names in America.

Carpas Nacionais

Votes: 4
Strikes: 382
Added: 30-Sep-02

Carpfishing Portugal

Carpfishing UK

Votes: 4
Strikes: 1432
Added: 2-Jul-2000

Carp fishing info, tips, techniques, records, links, galleries, videos, books, bait, free email service & much more! galleries, videos, books, bait, tackle, free email service & much more!


Votes: 0
Strikes: 245
Added: 13-Aug-02

East of England carp site featuring Biggleswade angling club pages


Votes: 1
Strikes: 129
Added: 9-Nov-2004

Personal Carp fishing site, news, reviews, photo's of fish and scenic shots

Chesapeake Bay Carp Angler

Votes: 0
Strikes: 146
Added: 21-Nov-2004

Carp fishing the fresh and brackish tidal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and Delaware, USA.

DeVille Lodge , Carp and Trout Fishing

Votes: 0
Strikes: 206
Added: 23-Mar-2003

DeVille Lodge is a Holiday gite in Normandy France with it own lake stocked with many varieties of fresh water fish.


Votes: 1
Strikes: 219
Added: 18-Nov-2003

Glamour and carp fishing pics.with link to my other site of pics from Wintons lake in France.

Fishing in the NE of England.

Votes: 2
Strikes: 213
Added: 8-Jan-2001

Promoting fishing in the NE of England

Rating: 6.38

Fishing The West Midlands

Votes: 24
Strikes: 1077
Added: 30-Jun-1999

A personal view of the better fishing venues in the West Midlands, including species, mainly carp, facilities and contact names

German Carp Catcher

Votes: 7
Strikes: 690
Added: 24-Apr-2000

Carpfishingsite in good old Germany with Fotos,Tackle,Bait,Rigs and Storrys......

Junkfishing the Schuylkill River for carp and catfish.

Votes: 4
Strikes: 232
Added: 10-May-2001

Page containing pictures and articles about the unique realm of the Schuylkill County junkfish.


Votes: 0
Strikes: 201
Added: 2-Oct-2001

belgian carpsite (dutch)

MG Angling Supplies (Carp Fishing South Africa)

Votes: 0
Strikes: 192
Added: 10-Sep-02

Everything you wanted to know about Carp fishing in South Africa, from Baits, Dips, Dams, Maps, Rigs, Muti's etc.


Votes: 3
Strikes: 71
Added: 25-Jan-2004

Carp finsing in and around Europe-New online friendly forum.

Northern Monkeys

Votes: 0
Strikes: 97
Added: 25-Aug-2004

Northern-Monkeys is a lighthearted website dedicated to carping in the North West of England. You can read the teams exploits in their regular carp journals series, view the latest news and gossip in the Rat Trap and view info on Blackwood Pool, a water run by the team.

Quest For Carp

Votes: 0
Strikes: 135
Added: 27-Aug-2004

A Carp fishing website that includes Rigs, Baits, and Anatomy of Carp, A Carp Gallery, an itro to carp fishing, fosheries and watercraft.

The finest Canadian Carp fishing in eastern Ontario.

Votes: 1
Strikes: 602
Added: 14-Feb-2000

Carp fishing on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada. Full service cabins located directly on the water.

toasteds british carp fishing forum

Votes: 0
Strikes: 115
Added: 16-Dec-2004

toasteds uk carp fishing forum is probley one of the most laid back forums online come on over and check us out ,youl never want to leave

Trophy Fishing Tours

Votes: 0
Strikes: 66
Added: 23-Oct-2003

Your Great African Adventure starts here, and it’s all about you the angler!


Votes: 0
Strikes: 429
Added: 2-Jul-2001

Online resource for carp anglers.

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